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Christmas Audio Kit (Music + Ambience + FX) 23/Aug/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Evil Mind 1.4 Product ID: 76846 20 2 63 63 5 1

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Christmas Audio Kit (Music + Ambience + FX)(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_1666 , Last change: 23-08-2018
Published: 12 Sep 2016, Publisher: Evil Mind
Price: $20.00 USD - Size: 42.62 MB

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Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.0.1f1 | Asset Published Date: 12 Sep 2016 | Price: $20.00.
Publisher: Evil Mind.
DescriptionPRODUCED BY : Tao & Sound

Christmas Audio Kit is is a very complete solution for any kind of Christmas based games or apps.
It contains 125 unique high quality files including music loops, ambience loops and special FX, in MP3 format, ready to use.
Updates made this pack even better!

If your game is a classic Christmas carol, a season update or skinning of your most successful game, a shooter where you must kill Zombie Santas... No matter the genre or attitude: if it's got something to do with Christmas, this pack will be perfectly useful for you!

Extensive sound demos at Soundcloud: Music, Ambience, Full Mix, Video Demo

12 original/traditional christmas music loops, high quality that will suit perfect for Christmas contexts.
You will find a good variety of classic christmas carols with original arrangements and styles.

10 original ambience loops: some of them with their instrumental version which offer even more solutions for the musical aspect of your game! High quality, cartoon or realistic christmas common ambients such as a warm home at christmas, a church, a happy sunny morning or Santa’s workshop full of elves giving their best.

103 original SFX with different versions of each one in most of cases.
Very useful sounds and voices usually needed for “christmas apps”, “christmas puzzles”, “christmas arcade games”.
Of course it contains the “event” stingers which offer good solutions for any kind of scene in your games.

You may also need 3D Christmas Assets, Chinese New Year 3D models or Halloween audio assets

Questions? Please, read our FAQ.
Do you need the .wav files? Just write us at, and we'll get back to you right away!
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