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Roslyn C# - Runtime Compiler 15/Sep/2021 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Trivial Interactive 1.6.6 Product ID: 78610 20 2 97 97 5 1

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Roslyn C# - Runtime Compiler(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_463 , Last change: 15-09-2021
Published: 8.5 MB, Publisher: Trivial Interactive
Price: $20.00 USD - Size: 8.48 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: | Asset Published Date: 8.5 MB | Price: $20.00
Publisher: Trivial Interactive
Latest Release:8.5 MB
Size:8.5 MB
Compatible:8.5 MB
*Requires .Net 4.x or .Net standard API compatibility level

Roslyn C# allows runtime loading of assemblies and C# scripts using the Roslyn compiler making it easy to add modding support or in-game programming to your project.
In addition, Roslyn C# also includes code security verification that allows you to specify a number of security restrictions that loaded code must adhere to including illegal namespaces and types.
This makes it much safer to load 3rd party code from unknown sources.

Includes a small programming based game where the objective is to navigate a mouse out of a maze by writing code that performs the direction decision making.

-Compile and run C# scripts at runtime
-Leverage the latest C# language features using the Roslyn C# compiler
-Fast execution.
Once compiled, external scripts will run as fast as game scripts
-Allows modding support to be added easily
-Code security validation means that unsafe code can be identified and discarded
-Code security generates a detailed report upon failure containing information about illegal types used and every usage occurrence in the external code
-Simple and easy to use API for assembly, type and instance reflection
-Support for non-concrete communication using script proxies
-Automatic type construction using correct method (AddComponent, CreateInstance, new)
-Cached member tables for quick reflection
-All scripts and example are organised into namespaces to avoid type name clashes
-Fully commented partial C# source code included
-Comprehensive .chm documentation of the API for quick and easy reference
Support for PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

Roslyn C# may work on other platforms without issue however we will only offer support for the officially supported platforms.

Android is not officially supported however, many users have had success getting the asset to run on Android by following these steps
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