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Auto Gamepad Generator 04/Feb/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: 11731 1.2 Product ID: 66035 10 3 36 36 5 1

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Auto Gamepad Generator(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_4171 , Last change: 04-02-2018
Published: 26 Oct 2015, Publisher: 11731
Price: $10.00 USD - Size: 2.66 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.0.0f4 | Asset Published Date: 26 Oct 2015 | Price: $10.00.
Publisher: Ladmer Technologies, Inc..
DescriptionNew low price! Same great features for over half the original price!

Compatible with Unity 5.x and Unity 4.x!

Auto Gamepad Generator makes adding controller support to your existing game that has mouse/keyboard controls just a few clicks away.

Takes less than 5 minutes to go from keyboard/mouse only to supporting controllers!


* Automatically detects your input manager

* Provides easy drop-downs for mapping

* No new API to learn

* No code changes required

* Remaps both keyboard and mouse

* both controls coexist seamlessly

* Works with uGUI menus

* Supports many controllers and platforms

* Takes just a few minutes

So you've created your game with keyboard/mouse controls using Unity's Input API for quick iteration in the editor.
Perhaps you've thought about controller support but which controllers and which platforms? Then you looked into it and have realized that there are no standards on controller mapping at all and it's a mess.
Finally, something easy can be done about it!

With Automatic Gamepad Generator you can support today's most common gamepads within 5 minutes.
No coding required and simply use our user friendly editor window to add the controller mappings that you desire for your game and that's it! We generate the additional Unity Input Manager virtual axes and buttons for you.
Existing code will now work for gamepads!

Platforms Supported

* Windows

* Mac

* Linux


* Apple TV

* Android

* Xbox Consoles

* Playstation Consoles

* Fire TV

* Android TV

* Web GL

List of the many controllers supported

Check out our Unity forum thread or Online documentation for more information.
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