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AudioStream 04/Feb/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: 22077 1.7.3 Product ID: 72730 50 3 74 74 5 1

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uploaded by Anon_4081 , Last change: 04-02-2018
Published: 18 Jan 2018, Publisher: 22077
Price: $50.00 USD - Size: 2.39 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.5.4p5 | Asset Published Date: 18 Jan 2018 | Price: $50.00.
Publisher: Martin Cvengroš.
DescriptionAudioStream provides proper audio streaming support for Unity - mainly for mobile platforms and the Editor, where there is official support lacking a bit currently - and can stream and receive (currently) Opus encoded audio between two Unity UNET instances running on LAN.
For streaming uses low level API of FMOD Studio directly thus providing seamless and very low profile streaming experience during indefinitely long periods of time.
AudioStream can stream:
* internet radios M3U/8 and PLS playlists, with support for tags (+)
* audio files hosted on the internet/cloud such as podcasts
* local audio files on a regular filesystem (according to platform)
- for list of supported audio formats see formats and platforms FMOD recognizes (see e.g.
Wikipedia or FMOD Unity Integration 2 description)
Note: being streaming oriented it does not provide typical offline audio processing such as advanced clip offline signal manipulation or selective time precise playback.
* compatible with all other audio packages when using AudioSource enabled, and networked components.
* corresponding AudioSource can be used as usual including Unity spatialization, effecting and mixer routing
- this means it can be used as AudioSource for e.g.
GoogleVR/Resonance plugins, or any Unity Mixer in general
* systems recording/input devices can be streamed, too
* provides access to an Icecast mountpoint enabling any AudioSource to become an Icecast source
Included README contains comprehensive install and usage guides such as building and recording on iOS, support for iOS/Android background audio modes, setting up Icecast source and mountpoint and each relevant setting is fully documented in the Editor.
Runs almost on all platforms Unity currently has audio support for (++), at the time being tested on Windows, OS X and mobiles - iOS and Android; due to its ability to bypass Unity's own audio system it can play audio independently and works seamlessly in the editor with zero GC allocs at runtime.
In general provides easy scripting access simplifying playing an networked audio source.

Apart from streaming it also provides advanced features extending Unity's interaction with various audio streams: (+++)
* AudioSourceOutputDevice component enables redirection of audio output of any AudioSource to any audio output device present in the system - not just the default one Unity uses for its audio playback.
* AudioSourceInput provides access to any audio input device present in the system, including arbitrary microphones and LineIn inputs with full audio processing.
Contrary to Unity's own Microphone class it supports also multichannel devices/microphones.
* AudioSourceInput2D low latency recording input component - very low latency, 2D only input recording component
* utility script for saving the audio signal of a GameObject
* currently using FMOD provided GoogleVR for 3D spatialization - allows playback of 3D positional audio using Google spatializer, and a- and b- format ambisonic formats.
- note: GoogleVR will be replaced by Google Resonance plugin in future version of FMOD, and for Unity 2017.1 and up I recommend using Google's own Unity integration via Goolge Resonance Audio.
AudioStream can be used seamlessly with Resonance, and in future versions I will probably remove separate support for 3D sound altogether.
* support for any AudioSource to become an Icecast source provider using direct PCM or OGGVORBIS encoded audio.
* NEW AudioStreamUNETSource and AudioStreamUNETClient components for streaming 1 and 2 channel audio between two Unity LAN instances running AudioStream using Opus codec via UNET LLAPI.
Included demo scenes shows how to use each respective component.
All source code is included.
* Source code is Unity API upgrader friendly (i.e.
it should not trigger any automatic upgrade process), is cleanly written and has no warnings.

Support forum
Using FMOD Studio by Firelight Technologies
NOTE: Agreement to FMOD EULA as per required before downloading the FMOD Unity package
(they have very friendly indie policy though).
* We sport no review popups, no Editor custom menus or icons, no either opt-out or opt-in telemetry, and documentation in plaintext

(+) Please note that M3U/8 support is currently limited to nonrecursive, nonchunked, direct streams only
(++) FMOD Studio Unity Integrations officially has support for Android, macOS, iOS, tvOS, Metro, UWP, Windows and Linux (both x86 and x86_64) in publicly available version, with access to consoles version available upon request
(+++) Consider audio routing - the AudioSourceOutputDevice component and IcecastSource - a desktop class features - meaning that it does not work on all mobile platforms out of the box.
I've run it successfully on some Android phone/s, but not on iOS.
Submitted with Unity version 5.5.4p5 which is lowest version supporting APFS on macOS;
5.3.5 is recommended minimal version for mobiles,
any earlier version starting with 5.0 should be OK for standalone.
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