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Voxels for Unity: Rasterizer 15/May/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: 1.05 Product ID: 76496 10 2 9 9 5 1

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Voxels for Unity: Rasterizer(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_2386 , Last change: 15-05-2018
Published: , Price: $10.00 USD - Size: 6.46 MB

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Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.6.0f3 | Asset Published Date: | Price: $10.00.
Publisher: Lightrocker.

Read the manual on SlideShare

This package is primarily developed to sample objects into three-dimensional grids using the GPU to conserve the original shading with textures and lighting of the mighty Unity renderer as much as possible*.
So it carries the subtitle "Rasterizer", although the bundle contains powerful scripts to build fairly optimized assets from the collected data or export them into files.

Furthermore you are able adapt the source code of these processors or write own ones, e.g.
to import data into existing voxel renderers/editors.
Or you call the well designed programming interfaces of the engine from own scripts to convert 3D assets like meshes or terrains at run time.

Five processor scripts are included: The first instantiates a specified mesh for every existing voxel as a game object and is able to combine elements with the same material into single objects for performance reasons.
A second one generates a particle system, where each voxels becomes a particle.
The third stores the color information of all cells into one 2D texture, which can be used by the first script to minimize draw calls.
And the last two are writing the information to files, where one does it as PLY and the other in the MagicaVoxel format.

Because this extension utilizes standard features of Unity it should work on (nearly) all platforms.
Windows and Android have been successfully tested.

* The specular property can never be baked correctly into a solid color because it is view dependent.
And shadow maps disappear in the current version due to the narrow clipping planes during the scanning.
But both elements can still be applied on the result meshes.
Particle Systems cannot be used as source objects since Unity is culling them in the sampling process.

The current price point refers to the current version.
It may increase, when major features are being added to the product.

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