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Word Game Builder Pro 20/Oct/2017 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Thinksquirrel 2.0.1f2 Product ID: 72762 0 1 14 14 5 1

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Word Game Builder Pro

uploaded by Anon_964 , Last change: 20-10-2017
Published: 02 Apr 2016, Publisher: Thinksquirrel
Price: free USD - Size: 10.26 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.3.0f1 | Asset Published Date: 02 Apr 2016 | Price: $.
Publisher: Thinksquirrel.
DescriptionEdition Comparison | Docs/Support

Word Game Builder is an extensive, versatile system to create your own high-performance word games.

Word Game Builder is available in two editions: Standard and Pro.

Compare editions here.

Features of Word Game Builder:

• Multiple languages (English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish are included)

• Fast, efficient word checking

• Permutation checking and prefix checking

• Letter tiles, players, tile distributions and word game AIs

• Easy to use event binding

• Mobile-ready, with a fully documented example game

• Built-in support for sprites, meshes, Unity UI, NGUI, and 2D Toolkit

• Source code access [WGB Pro]

The package is mobile-ready and comes with a fully documented example game.


Why choose Thinksquirrel assets?

World class support: We take support seriously.
All Thinksquirrel products and services come with access to both our knowledge base and direct support.

Great performance: Focus on what's important: creating your vision.
Our tools have a very low overhead and just work.

On every device: Thinksquirrel products work on every platform supported by Unity.
Whether you're targeting PC, Mac, mobile, or anything else, our tools help you get the job done.

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