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Offroad Pickup + Animated Hands 16/Apr/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: 14269 1.3 Product ID: 69074 2 1 96 96 5 1

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Offroad Pickup + Animated Hands(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_2246 , Last change: 16-04-2018
Published: 04 Dec 2017, Publisher: 14269
Price: $2.00 USD - Size: 116.01 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 2017.1.1f1 | Asset Published Date: 04 Dec 2017 | Price: $2.00.
Publisher: torvald-mgt.
DescriptionThis package contains the low poly model pickup truck , and includes: ready- car physics , camera , sound, animation and demo scene .
The model has separated :body, door, wheels, steering wheel and glass.
This Asset presented animated hands .
Animation made ​​using inverse kinematics .

Texture : Contains textures for diffuse, normals, gloss, specular, self-illumination.
If you want to make your own textures , the package contains the source files for ddo.

Compatible with Horror Development Kit
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Best Off-Road SUV available by Anon_2144Vote
Offroad Pickup + Animated Hands by torvald-mgt is a very popular asset among unity developers.This kind of quality can only be provided by a meticulous person.

Its not just a car, its got driver with realistic animations and if you couple this up with Gameflow than you dont have to code for things like enter and exit the vehicle,lights on/off etc.For $2 you dont expect much, but this is a great bargain. It contains a low poly model pickup truck so Its not only great for computer game but due to its light weight it is completely suitable for mobile platforms as well. You can even make different versions off it just by adding bigger wheels and accessories which makes it suitable for games with car upgrading system.Developer has build the package in such way that its very easy to use this car with other assets like Realistic car controller or edys vehicle and it also performs well with Off-road Vehicle Physics Kit and you can get great result if you adjust ABS system in these packages.

Even If you want to make the car damageable, the developer has got you covered as the body has got separated body parts. So if you want the doors and hood to fly off after an explosion like in GTA games than you dont have to get into the complex work of setting things up like hinge joints. Even the wheels can be made it fly off as well as the window glass. Even the steering wheel is separate from rest of the body so changing its model is also hassle free as you dont have to switch software to swap models.

All these features along with things like : ready- car physics , camera system , engine sound, and animation and at the price of only $2 make this a must have asset for every game developer even if the game you are developing is not all about cars, its addition will surely add variety to your game. Its a 5 star asset for me.
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