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Sci-fi Design Kit 11/Feb/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: 10357 1.8 Product ID: 70375 45 2 39 39 5 1

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This product was an award created by UnityAsset_387 and won by UnityAsset_834.Thanks both for your effort in bringing this file here.

Sci-fi Design Kit(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_1712 , Last change: 11-02-2018
Published: 03 Feb 2018, Publisher: 10357
Price: $45.00 USD - Size: 907.48 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 2017.3.0f3 | Asset Published Date: 03 Feb 2018 | Price: $45.00.
Publisher: Br2 ArtsWorks.
DescriptionThis is a modular suite of objects which you can find everything you need to build your own sci-fi level, now in Unity 5.

Halls, warehouses, laboratories, animated doors, machinerys, screens, pipes...

The only limitation is your imagination.

In this package you will find:

- 511 different objects

- 670 Prefabs

- 229 Pbr textures & the 105 original textures.

- 23 sound effects.

- A new demos Scene with the new objetcs and prefabs just to show you the possibilities of the kit.

Update 1.7

Optimized objects.

Many objects have been optimized in their geometry.

Now, objects like lights and floors that had several elements, are now a single object.
What drastically reduces the drawcalls.

Particle systems have been optimized.

An atlas has been created, unifying the texture of floors and panels.

Objects and prefabs.

220 new items have been added.

New ceilings, floors and walls have been added.

New assets like chairs, bunk beds, boxes, tables etc, have been added.

New doors with their animations and sound effects have been added.

New stairs with railing and without it have been added.

Soils, with double height level have been added.

Vertical tunnels with ladder, and their accesses have been added

A gateway system has been added.

Some objects such as floors and walls have been deepened to avoid gaps.

New arcs have been added.

New screens and consoles have been created.

New holograms have been added.

Colliders have been added for some objects.

Fixed some problems with the pivot of some objects.

Added a new script that allows you to climb vertical stairs.

Problems with the scale of some objects have been detected and fixed.

If you have any question you got my mail
Please rate and comment so I can keep doing good stuff!

Thank you!
Anon_404 say: Thank you for this gift ! thank you fsclub!
Anon_1133 say: Hello friend! Thank you so much for this upload! Very cool!
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Could be perfect if the author finished the work! by Anon_541Vote
The video of this asset was so impressive that I am a bit upset after the author for not being able to provide something that is working out of the box.
The scene is such a mess with a gazillion of everything not even in folders. How you can find anything in this mess?
First you need to set the scene in Deferred mode if you want to avoid shadow blinking everywhere and get a good result, it makes a huge difference. Now you will find that there are a lot of compilation errors. You need to import the latest Characters and Effects package from Unity. This will get rid of most of them. You need to find the FPS Character and rename the child of the FPS Controller to "Main Camera", this will get rid of the camera shake script error, now you can run the scene! But it is not finished. The doors are not opening. In order to fix that you need to select your Character Controller and tag it "Player", now the doors will open on contact. I just saved you 20 min of work. Can't the author fix his own package before asking $60 and sell it? Another reason to be upset about the non existent quality control at the Asset Store.
Well it is not finished. Because what you see now is far from being close to the video. You need to add Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, so that you get more dark zones, you need to add bloom (just a little bit) to about the aliasing around the self illuminated materials that are btw really low quality and pixelated.
Now you also need to add a global directional light because even in space there is always a sun. You need to setup the ambient light because there is no ambient, so that mean no Global Illumination bounces. We have GI, why not using it? So in the lighting, use the gradient as ambient source and set the color you want, select pre-computed GI, select baked GI, put Reflection intensity to 0.6 and bounce to the end use the filter contrast from Unity to get the correct lighting balance and you get the AAA look that you are looking for.
But it is damn slow, you have to change the camera Far to 100 and don't forget to select HDR which will change everything about the bloom around the self illuminated materials.
One hour of work already, but it is not finished. You need to rebuild the lightmaps. Lightinhg-> Lightmap, click auto and go drink a coffee it will take some time. Now that you have your lightmap done with bounces and GI, un-select the auto button.
What we have now? A gorgeous looking asset. The author is terrible at using Unity but he knows about creation of something that is photo-realistic and really above the average. Most objects have a very nice detailed look, really good. Lot of props very useful for any kind of games, the doors are awesome, the particles effects are perfectly tuned and again can be used for many things.
The only 2 issues are that there are a lot of polygons and too many lights. The big doors for example have 8 lights. I think anyone will want to remove most of the useless and use the self illuminated materials instead. If correctly set, it will not make a big difference.
Another issue, the blinking lights are flawed and will blink from yellow to blue, so you need to change the mode in the Light Flicker Script to Intensity and not color.
Don't forget to use a shadow distance of 100 in all case, it will save you 20 Fps or so! Do it even at Fantastic settings.
Once you have done all this work, you get 1->30 FPS+ on a good desktop and the look is totally amazing. I like particularly the rotating lights and the huge heavy doors. This pack will probably mix very good with some other packs, I think there is a need of more simple walls, the doors are too heavy in polygons.
I cannot rate this asset 5*, it deserves it for the final look after all the changes, but the authors has been so lazy in finalizing his work, plus I have an average of 5 Millions of poly in all cases which is not adapted to any game on any platform.
That was fun, now if the author wants the updated version, he can send me $60 it is very cheap for the 3 hours total it took to fix his otherwise very beautiful and inspired asset.
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