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Disco Nightclub FX 04/Feb/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Rivermill Studios 1.1 Product ID: 75958 25 1 30 30 5 1

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Disco Nightclub FX(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_2709 , Last change: 04-02-2018
Published: 28 Dec 2017, Publisher: Rivermill Studios
Price: $25.00 USD - Size: 103.01 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.5.1f1 | Asset Published Date: 28 Dec 2017 | Price: $25.00.
Publisher: Rivermill Studios.
DescriptionA collection of props and effects to bring your nightclub, disco or music festival alive.

The pack includes:

15 animated spotlights (each with and without a real-time Unity spotlight), with 5 different colors and 3 different animation patterns.

A glitterball/mirrorball object with glittering particle effect and animation.
Includes 2 details levels, both with and without the 360 degree light dots projected onto the environment.

4 looping video screen effects.

An animated dance floor with scripted random color changes and user-controlled change speed.
Includes 4 color variations.

Dry ice smoke effect

6 Glowing props to hang from the environment ceiling, each with gentle swaying animation.

14 speaker, speaker stacks, amplifier and monitor objects.

2 Flight cases

5 projection strips that use scrolling UV scripts to simulate an animated spotlight hitting the ground.

3 cable strip objects, complete with gaffer tape detail

A complete festival tent environment, including structural poles, stage and DJ booth.

Additional packs with content to complement this one are also available, such as the Live Music Pack and VIP Red Carpet Pack
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