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It`s One Of The Better Terrain Creation Tools.

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World creator is a very capable and powerful tool but what really sets it apart from the competition is its full feature capability.

For me, the most important features are built-in tiling and masks.
The masks can be drawn and edited in realtime within the editor, so you don`t need to load a new mask every time you make an edit so you can see how the terrain changed.
This is specifically why I use World creator as opposed to another terrain tool.

World creator has a vast set of terrain editing tools such as erosion.
Now you can find almost all of these in other terrain tools, but it`s still certainly a strength for World Creator.
World creator will also utilize your GPU for processing, which speeds things up significantly.
This is a feature many other tools don`t have and is especially useful for larger terrains.
This tool can also be used for adding very simple foliage.
For example, creating simple grass takes only a few clicks.
The interface is easy to understand and to get the hang of.
You`ll be creating advanced terrain in a few short minutes.
There`s a good amount of documentation and tutorials on youtube.

There is also a professional version available.
That one comes with a higher tile count and other small benefits.
However, I find World creator standard to be fully capable of everything I personally needed.
Noteworthy is that only the new 2.7.0 version has universal render pipeline support.
I also found that older version would turn the terrain pink even using the standard rendering solution.
Besides that, I did not run into any problems.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this tool in its current state.

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