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DoTween is a tweening library, it allows you to easily create tweens for movement, fading, rotations etc.
This is a great asset for every game developer out there.


* You can animate anything with this.
You can even draw, animate paths.
* You don't have to use Unity's built-in animator anymore.
* It's extremely fast and unbelievably useful.
It's a part of all of my projects now.
* Performance-wise I haven't had a need to optimize it yet.
* The good thing about is that you can animate the UI elements, such as buttons,
images or text.
* You don't need to write coroutines anymore.
* Has a visual editor that you can use without writing any code.
* Everything is cached and reused to avoid garbage collection.
* You can even animate the numerical values and also some non-numeric ones such as strings.
* It allows you to combine your tweens into groups by using sequences.
* Supports local and world animations.
* You can add increments to your tweens so every time a new tween starts, it starts from the last
position it has.
* Can be used to fade sounds, dimming lights and moving cameras etc.


* If you want to create some really complex animations without using the DoTween editor, it can
become a headache.
Such as adding a delay between the tweens in a sequence or replaying, restarting
a tween when it finishes.
* Path drawing editor is a little bit hard to use but it does the job in the end.

Overall it is a great asset which works flawlessly, I recommend it to every game developer.

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